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Power Plant and Power Generation Industry Construction and Maintenance Projects

Power Plant and Power Generation Industry Construction and Maintenance Projects are a speciality of McGraw/Kokosing, a general contractor for Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Typical project descriptions include: Power Plant, Power Generation, Coal Fired Power Plant, Coal Power Plant, Hydroelectric Power Plant, Power Plant Construction, Electric Power Plant, Steam Power Plant and Power Plant Maintenance.

Energy Generation Station - HSRG Installation Project
Lawrenceburg, Indiana



M/K installed four Heat Recovery Steam Generators at a 1100 MW combined cycle electrical power generating facility. The erection of the HRSG’s included numerous lifts in access of 100 tons. Examples of work performed are the installation of all piping systems, structural steel and platforms, stress relieving, erection of four smoke stacks and installation of the remaining mechanical systems. NDE testing of pipe weld, including 2.25% and 9% chrome materials, resulted in a combined overall acceptance rate of 99.41%. Hydro-test results proved no weld leaks at pressures up to 3375 PSI.

Work at this site also included the installation of foundations for the pipe racks and auxiliary equipment. Once underground work was complete, M/K installed the pipe racks servicing all of the plant equipment and erected the auxiliary boiler building.








Unit 2 Boiler Outage
East Bend, Indiana



Replaced the lower secondary superheat tubes in Boiler #2 in addition to making repairs and modifications to various other equipment. In total, the bottom loop of 306 secondary superheat pendants were replaced.

All of the tubes and castings were removed and the existing tubes were prepped for welding. The new tubes were then hung in place, aligned and welded out. In addition to tube repairs, M/K relined ductwork, replaced the damaged drip screen and made repairs to the air heaters.









Power Plant
Waterford, Ohio



Installed the large bore (96") cooling water lines for the steam turbine surface condenser for a combined cycle electrical power generating facility. The project progressed very well despite adverse digging and trenching conditions due to rock and rain.









Power Generating Station
Ghent, Kentucky



During two separate outages, McGraw/Kokosing replaced the lower water walls in two coal fired boilers that had been damaged by soot build-up that had fallen from the upper superheater tubes. Approximately 100 tubes were replaced in each unit and all welds were x-rayed nightly so that hydro-testing of the boilers was not required before putting the units back on line in a timely manner.







Power Plant
Trenton, Ohio



Repaired exhaust stack stainless liner/liner expansion joints and silencers for six 90MW gas turbine/generator sets. Project schedule consisted of a 2-10-6 work week for 12 weeks working on two units at a time. Scope included replacement of silencer bearing ends, replacement of the silencer leading edges, total replacement of two liner expansion joints per stack and deformed liner plate replacement. Most of this work was liner segment alignment and turbine-to-stack expansion joint replacement. Most of this work was performed in very tight confined space work areas.







Power Station
Middletown, Ohio



Refurbished several gas-turbine generator sets in place as well as the complete removal and replacement of several turbines that required complete overhauls. The fuel and lubrication piping, instrumentation tubing and electrical systems were replaced as part of the upgrades. For the main power generating facility, the silencers and exhaust stack were repaired and a new roof weather enclosure was added to prevent future damage due to weather. Also removed an 80 ton transformer, provided heavy haul to a rail siding, and later replaced the transformer that had been struck by lightning.













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