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Steel Mills and Steel Industry Construction and Maintenance Projects are a speciality of McGraw/Kokosing, a general contractor for Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Typical project descriptions include: Steel Mills, Steel Rolling Mills, Blast Furnaces, Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOF), Baghouses and Steel Mill Ladles. The following are some examples of our latest projects.

Greenfield Coke Plant
Haverhill, Ohio







Turning a cornfield that was under a foot of water into a state-of-the-art coke manufacturing plant in only 15 months is about as fast as fast-track construction can get. Such was the mission for 600 (at peak) skilled craftsmen of the affiliated unions of the Tri-State Building and Construction Trades Council to make this coke plant a reality.

Located in Haverhill, Ohio, the $150 million design-build project, built under the direction of the Kokosing Construction Company, had the first of its more than 100 ovens fired up at high noon on March 1—the exact target date set before work began. And in a world where the new demand for steel relies on the production of processed coke—every day counts.

As if the time frame between project start and completion wasn't impressive enough, craftsmen had to overcome the wettest year on record in southern Ohio, which makes the job all the more remarkable.

The tripartite involvement between owner, contractor and labor has been a popular approach for some time in the Appalachian region, and proved itself again as Kokosing and the Tri-State Building Trades used the NMAPC streamlined system to turn up the heat in Haverhill.

The facility is expected to create 64 jobs in the Appalachian region, and at capacity the coke plant will purchase 800 thousand tons of coal annually and produce 550 thousand tons of coke per year.

The above information is from "The Construction User Magazine", Summer 2005.




Turbo Blower Rebuild
Middletown, Ohio





The No. 1 Turboblower system, which supplies 110,000 SCFM compressed air to the blast furnace, was in need of a complete overhaul. The blower is powered by a 10,000HP steam turbine that runs off of 400 PSI steam. Due to internal damage to the steam turbine, the resulting vibrations caused considerable damage to the turbo blower concrete pedestal. The steam turbine rotor, stator wheel cases, nozzle block and casings were removed and then refurbished in a shop environment while the concrete pedestal was repaired. The cast iron turbo blower shell also sustained damaging cracks which were repaired as well. New levelers and sole plates were installed for the turbo blower, steam turbine and bearing blocks. All turbo-machinery components were then reinstalled.

Once testing verified that the unit performed successfully, Phase II of the rebuild continued by replacing the lube oil coolers and associated lube oil and cooling water piping. Additional instruments and controls were also added as part of the Human Machine Interface (HMI).




Ductwork Installation and Control Buildings
Middletown, Ohio






McGraw/Kokosing was chosen to install the ductwork inside the shop as well as install the control buildings for the new emission system all while the shop maintained full operation. During the seven-month installation process, M/K installed the following:

  • Three (3) vertical uptake duct routes consisting of thirty-three (33) pieces, in and around the two Basic Oxygen Furnaces
  • Charge Aisle duct consisting of twenty-two (22) pieces
  • Tap Side duct consisting of twenty-eight (28) pieces
  • Total of eighty-three (83) pieces of duct in and around the vessels
  • Computer Room – a five (5) module prefabricated building
  • Elevated Pulpit – a two (2) module prefabricated building supported over the Hot Metal Car Track
  • Foundations and support steel
  • Power and fiber optic cables for the control buildings




Turnkey Foundations, Electrical Buildings and Grounding
Middletown, Ohio





This project included the installation of the foundations for a 830,000 SCFM baghouse, three 250,000 SCFM/1250 HP ID Fans and a 110’ exhaust stack. The foundations involved the installation of one hundred 30" diameter caissons to depths from 15’ to 40’ as part of the seven main foundations for the baghouse, three fans, stack and the two electrical buildings. The foundations included 2000 cubic yards of concrete, 50 tons of rebar and 500 anchor bolts. Grounding of all foundations and buildings included the installation of 2000 feet of ground cable and a single ground well approximately 140’ deep.

Also part of the scope were two turnkey buildings that housed the electrical equipment for the facility. The electrical buildings were approximately 2300 total square feet to accommodate the 13.8kv switchgear, MCC and PLC’s. The two buildings included the design and installation of all building HVAC , electrical and grounding systems.




Electrical & Instrumentation
Middletown, Ohio




This project included the installation of the underground conduit banks as well as the installation, electrical hookup, construction checkout, testing and energizing the Electrical Control Building power distribution equipment, Electrical Substation Building power distribution equipment, baghouse ID Fans, automation equipment, and lighting systems. This project also included the grounding, exposed cable tray and conduit systems, electrical equipment installation, cabling and termination of electrical and instrumentation devices and motors.

Scope of work included the installation of 8000 feet of underground conduit, 4200 feet of cable tray, 3500 feet of above ground conduit and 45,000 feet of various size cable.




500,000 SCFM Baghouse Installation
Middletown, Ohio





Erected a 14 module baghouse plus spark box and (2) 250,000 SCFM ID Fans, each coupled to 1250 HP motors. This project also included installation of the associated structural steel and ductwork connecting the ID Fans to a 11’ diameter, 100’ tall exhaust stack. M/K also designed and erected the 3,000 SF Electrical Control Building and installed all electrical, instrumentation and mechanical components for the baghouse.




Structural Steel & Duct Installation
Middletown, Ohio





M/K was selected to install the structural steel and ductwork on an operating blast furnace. All of the work was closely coordinated with operations and maintenance during operating turns, down turns and through a major outage. During the 10 month schedule, M/K’s scope included the following:

  • Furnishing and installing 180 tons of structural steel supports, platforms, walkways
  • Furnishing and installing 650 linear feet of 8 to 11 foot diameter duct, transitions and hoods in the Cast Houses and under the Skip Hoist
  • Numerous structural, pipe and electrical relocations
  • Installing the main 450 ft long 11 ft diameter duct run at an elevation of 70 ft from the cast house to the new baghouse facility




Cast House Extension with Access Ramp
Middletown, Ohio





Blast Furnace Cast House Extension project was completed without interruption of iron making operations. This was accomplished by pre-fabricating the foundation forms complete with rebar and embedded anchor bolts at an offsite location. Excavating, form setting, concrete pouring and backfilling was performed during scheduled 8 hour windows. 204 tons of building steel and ramp sections were prefabricated off site in large sections and erected between iron casts minimizing impact to operations.




Hot Metal Crane Upgrade Project
Middletown, Ohio





  • Upgrade four 300 ton hot metal cranes to 400 ton capacity
  • Modify building structure to accommodate heavier loads and higher capacity ladles
  • Install 12,000 new bolts from inside the main runway box girders
  • Install reinforcement plates on the main hoist trolley frames
  • Install new lifting beams
  • Installation of new main hoist equipment (replaced during a five day scheduled outage)
  • Replace the bridge and trolley drive systems, bridge and trolley idler wheel and bumper
  • Load testing to certify capacity
  • Building modifications completed without interruption to operations





Ladle Lift Car Replacement
Middletown, Ohio





Modifications to the Caster Facility

  • Assembly of structural, piping and electrical components for a 240 ton ladle index car with a 500 ton hydraulic lifting capacity
  • Design of a 300 ton lifting beam
  • Seven day outage duration
  • Replacement of fifty support beams for the 1000 ton bridge car
  • Installation of the new ladle index car
  • Replacement of three sets of rails for the bridge and tundish cars
  • Modification to the bridge car to increase capacity




Clay Guns & Taphole Drills
Middletown, Ohio


McGraw/Kokosing was commissioned to install two new Clay Guns and Taphole Drills on a blast furnace. During the seven day outage, M/K removed the old guns, drills, control desk, piping and electrical, and installed two new clay guns, drills and a control desk. The success of this project yielded M/K a similar project at an Ashland, Kentucky facility.




#2 Mill
West Virginia


The project included installation of a new 34.5KV Feeder and Distribution Switchgear. The high voltage distribution included the installation of an overhead 34.5KV line to three new pole mounted high voltage switches. Seven new sections of 34.5KV Switchgear were tied to the switches via 400' of cable tray and Armored cable. Four new transformers were installed to feed new Roughing Mill Stand Drives and Motors. M/K performed all high voltage terminations and checked out the system. The upgrade also included installation of new 600V Feeders, Switchgear and Motor Control Centers. The 600V distribution consisted of a new transformer with Armored cable feeders and cable tray system. The installation included one new four section switch gear feeding a Motor Control Center and new KC drives for the Roughing Mill Motors, all motors, controls and instrumentation for Furnace exit conveyors, Rough Mill approach conveyors, and Roughing Mill exit conveyors. The Exit end of the #2 Mill consisted of installing new Motor Control Centers, DC and AC drive cabinets to power the new Cooling Bed equipment and Conveyors. Over 90% of the new installation was completed while the existing Mill was fully operational. The balance of the work was completed and the new Mill was in operation after a 14-day shutdown.




Closed Loop Cooling Water
Middletown, Ohio


The installation included mechanical and electrical work to install the process control instrumentation. The system consisted of a PLC based system connected via Ethernet to a blast furnace control system. M/K was responsible for the instruments from bench test through commissioning.




Cold Strip Mill
Middletown, Ohio





Installation of new equipment on five Cold Mill Stands simultaneously. For each of the five stands, the work rolls, tracks, support beams and cylinders were removed. Using special drills, the cold mill machine housings were then drilled to accept the equipment mounts for the re-installation of the tracks and cylinders. The project was successfully completed during a four day outage.





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